Just another 50% discount offer?

just another 50 discount offer

Just another 50% discount offer?

It feels like we’re conditioned to have to see the word ‘discount’ before we make a purchase these days, I mean, aren’t we all in the hunt for a great deal – all the time? There are huge company’s such as Groupon that have even been set up based on this concept.

So, when we decided we were going to jump aboard the discount train and offer a 50% reduction in the cost of all our courses for a period, we thought long and hard about it.

In today’s society, often a substantial discount on something can mean one (or more) of 3 things:

  • Lack of confidence

A lot of time you see discounts it’s because the company offering the discounted product doesn’t believe that they can sell it at the industry standard price. Fair, and something we passed back and forth in an ‘image perception’ type conversation that went on for many days.

  • Setting the wrong type of precedent

If we offer this discount now, are we then going to always have to offer some sort of discount in the future to attract people to us? Another valid entry into the discussion.

  • Trustworthiness

Now this was the big one for us and the one which echoed the most concern. It’s the age old saying ‘if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is’. We’ve all said it, and most of the time we don’t actually know the reason why we’re saying it. However, in this event we trust our instinct well enough to know that because we have intuitively attached this slogan to something we were considering purchasing, that we probably shouldn’t purchase it. In fact, we should move on quickly before we talk ourselves into a purchase.

So, our discount and why it’s none of these things…

Future Step Education has the very best and experienced tutors and trainers in the market. Years and years of hard work has been utilised to build our training company. We are by no means saying that there aren’t other good providers out there, because there are. But what we are saying is that whilst we have this discount offer running you won’t get the same price – quality ratio anywhere else. If you’re looking at this as an invest, then this is a very good one and like all good things, it will come to an end at some point

The precedent thing and future prospects based on sales….well quite simply, if you are part of the group of people that use this discount then you will be part of a case study that demonstrated how good this particular training provider is. One thing we will ask for in return is for some feedback on completion of your course, with the good stuff getting published and the bad stuff being used to make us even better ?

Trustworthiness…Here’s a true story – Every single one of the staff that work at Future Step Education has, at some point, been enrolled with a training provider that has not delivered what they said and left us out of pocket. 2 of our trainers were on a CPD course just this year with a fitness training provider based in East Anglia that just…. disappeared. Brilliant!

Fraud or malpractice in an industry where people are paying their hard-earned money to educate and better themselves is low. Lowest of the low. In fact, the experiences we have all had with poor providers is quite the motivator to what we are doing right now.

In summary and to conclude, you’re in good hands with Future Step Education and this discount that is running for a limited period is a genuine opportunity – Contact us here for more information.