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About Our Apprenticeships

Future Step Education currently offers 2 apprenticeship programmes. L4 Assessor/Coach and Level 5 Learner and Skills Teacher.

During an apprenticeship, you would work for a company in a paid role whilst studying to achieve a qualification in the industry of the apprenticeship. Future Step Education houses expert assessors and teachers who all work to some capacity on the apprenticeship programme, so you know the training you receive is of the highest standard. As an apprentice with Future Step Education, you will have the chance to shadow and learn from the very best practitioners in the industry. The knowledge, skills and behaviours you will gain will support you to grow, improve your performance and deliver greater results in your work place.

If you’ve just finished school or college and higher education is not for you and instead you are looking to start your career in a professional environment, or alternatively, you may already be in a part-time or full-time role and want to upskill yourself professionally and advance your career, then this is your opportunity.

Over a period of between 1-3 years, an apprenticeship allows you to combine earning and learning and you would finish the course with a range or recognised and accredited qualifications.

Apprenticeships are highly regarded and sought after by employers. You can study whilst working in a professional environment and gain a head start in your career.

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