Level 4 Assessor/Coach Apprenticeship

Level 4 Assessor Coach Apprenticeship

What is an Assessor/Coach?

Future Step Education’s Level 4 Assessor/Coach Apprenticeship is designed for anyone aspiring to guide, mentor and develop others. As an assessor/coach (A/C) you will use up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support others on their vocational and professional development journeys.

The Assessor/coach may provide training, teaching, assessment, one-to-one guidance, mentoring and consistent feedback to learners.

A/Cs will work with a number of other professionals, including teachers, mentors, assessor practitioners and supervisors.

The Assessor/Coach is somebody who will assist others in achieving their qualifications and goals. They will inspire, motivate and lead and be able to adapt their communication skills to a wide range of learners.

Can my employer request I learn specific new skills related to my working role?

Yes, Future Step Education will ensure each Apprentice understands the context of their learning, the assessment process and that their future career progression is carefully mapped into their journey.

We will work closely with employers to provide a bespoke learning programme and tailor the course content to meet the needs of the business the apprentice works in.

What qualifications will each apprentice achieve?

In addition to the A/C certificate, apprentices will work towards and achieve, at least the following vocational courses during their apprenticeship with Future Step Education :

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, however it is desirable that candidates would have achieved a level 2 in Maths, English and ICT (equivalent to GCSE Grade C or above). Those Apprentices who are yet to achieve a level 2 in Maths, English and ICT will have the opportunity to complete these.

How long will the apprenticeship last?

12 to 18 Months

Awarding Organisation


Learner Story – Connie

Employer – Wave Coaching

Training provider – Future Step Education

“My work at Wave coaching involves teaching children of all age groups in schools as well working with adults at other sporting activities and events in the local community. My specialism is gymnastics and I love being able to develop my participants and watch them grow as gymnasts. During the Assessor Coach apprenticeship, I have learnt so much about planning teaching and learning and being able to assess the ability of my learners. I have had the chance to put into practice everything I am learning which has really helped me understand the course content on the assessor coach apprenticeship. I would recommend this apprenticeship to anyone in the role of developing others as it gives you the chance to grow as a coach and reflect on everything you are doing. My tutors and supervisors have been great and I’m really thankful I came across this opportunity”.

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