Mental Health Awareness

mental health awareness course

One in every four people experience mental health problems every year. It’s clear a greater awareness of mental health issues and an understanding of how to manage our mental health is required.

In 2020 Future Step Education launched our very own online level 2 mental health training course working alongside local charities and organisations to promote the subject of mental health awareness.

We are offering free training and qualifications to organisations that wish to upskill their staff/students to become more educated on the subject. Future Step Education will be delivering free Mental Health Awareness courses (See description below) for up to 16 participants a time in local businesses, schools and community organisations. If you would like your organisation to benefit from our free training, please contact us via our contact form and a member of staff will be in touch.

Level 2 in Mental Health Awareness

Our introductory qualification is purposefully pitched at entry level to encourage everyone from young, inexperienced learners up to more senior management to look at ways of recognising and tackling this problem.

Unit 1: Mental Health Awareness

  • An overview of the qualification
  • Key information on unit content:
    • Understanding mental health
    • Understanding mental health disorders
    • The main risk factors associated with mental ill health
    • Common treatments and interventions used to manage mental health and mental ill health
    • Understanding the support and advice available for mental ill health
  • Ideas for teaching and learning activities and useful resources

Unit 1 will be assessed via an online knowledge test and unit 2 will be scenario based.

Unit 2: Mental Health First Aid

  • Recap of webinar 1
  • Key information on unit content:
    • Recognising the signs of mental ill health
    • Providing initial help to a person experiencing mental ill health
    • Escalating situations when a person may be at risk of harm to themselves or others
    • Mental health first aid for specific mental health disorders
    • Listening and communicating in a non-judgmental way
    • Signposting to appropriate sources of help
    • Promoting good mental health
  • Ideas for teaching and learning activities and useful resources
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Course Cost

Cost: £90

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