New Year, New You?

New Years Resolution

New Year, New You?

A large percentage of blog posts written at this time of the year will be focused on resolutions, so we thought we may as well also add a short entry to the mix.

The approach of New Year’s Eve brings about the mass of self-promise, and so it should. After all, there’s a strong possibility that over the previous 10 days you have probably gone rogue with your good habits and just need some positivity and ambition injected.

You also read a lot about how resolutions often fail and how this commercial attempt to change the person you are will result in no change at all, except for the ever-evolving number associated with your life span.

Well, so what? If you fail in one or all your resolutions, then learn from it and pick it up again at another time. Whatever we do, successful or not, if we can learn something from it, then it was worth it. As an example, my colleague quit coffee ‘for good’ exactly 48 hours ago and sits here at this present moment with a Medio Costa Americano and looks pretty comfortable with it.

So, what did he learn from it? Apparently that the initial caffeine void produced quite a headache and that next time he’ll try cutting back rather than going cold turkey. It is also noted that he saved just south of £6 by not purchasing coffee on January 1st and 2nd 2020.  Who knows if that’s what caused the headache? but he’s definitely more likely to succeed next time having noted the experiences of his first attempt.

Happy New Year everyone.