Overeating During Lockdown – You’re not alone

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Overeating During Lockdown – You’re not alone

On average, adult males are burning 600 calories less per day, with females on -500, during lockdown.

Extra calories eaten (daily) will have increased for many at the same time. On my own judgement, I have eaten 500+ extra calories on a fair few of the days since March 20th. We are around or near food all day, excess eating it is highly likely to happen.

So, if 1 pound in body weight is 3500 calories, and if I’m looking at 1100+ calories extra a day, that’s a potential 7700 calories per week on top of what I normally take in.

That in turn, means a possible 2-pound weight gain per week.

So, how are we supposed to control that? It’s not easy. Having to brave hunger in the evening at times is almost certain. An exercise session brings a wall of resistance and adds more purpose to the day. Personally, I always eat less on days I train. The simple carbohydrate is just less appealing.

A breakfast that is low on refined sugar and high in fats and protein helps, like yogurt and nuts, sprinkle on some fruit etc, you’ve seen it all before. This just helps to get the body started off in a fuller state and helps it to bat off hunger. Eggs work the best for me, but I find eggs more of a challenge in the morning.

Kids are around all day snacking as well for the same reasons as adults. Another challenge – not pinching their food.

I think in general it all comes down to will power, nothing original about it. Mindset is key, setting multiple targets throughout the day and creating as many small wins as possible. No eating in between breakfast and lunch, for example, don’t eat kids’ leftovers, no desert after dinner etc. Not every day but attempting to balance the days out is my strategy. You may not come out of lockdown fitter, thinner and stronger, but if you can come out near to how you went in, then that’s an achievement in itself.