The Return of the Gym

The Return of the Gym

Fresh from my rain-soaked Triplet WOD – Press-ups, Split stance Deadlifts, Shoulder press, 400m x 3 – I’m back on the path of righteousness (translation – first workout in 72 hours). I am missing the gym hard this week; being in the middle of a house move during a global pandemic makes me feel like the track and 20kg Dumbbells just won’t cut it anymore. I need the cold, solid feel of the Olympic Bar and lifting platform. Could be worse, I could be home-schooling (you guys are heroes!).

Missing the gym triggers off my thought train – in my previous blog I mentioned Gym usage when we finally – hopefully – get back to whatever was normal for us all. I certainly cannot wait to go back to the gym, and despite reading about so many gym users who won’t be returning, I know I will be the geek waiting at the front of the queue – if I can get a car park space!

So…what is making some people categorically state that they will not return to gyms when they reopen? Surprisingly – to me anyway – the answer is not COVID related, it is tech related!

This Fitness Industry is spoilt for choice when it comes to Fitness apps – Centr, My Fitness Pal, Couch to 5k, Runtastic – there is literally something for everyone. Of course, if a free app gives you all you need for you to achieve your fitness goals whilst also saving you monthly on a gym membership, I’d be the first to tell you to go for it! But can is this bad news for PT’s?

Quite simply – No. It is opportunity.

Working in any role, if a piece of technology is invented that makes your life easier and improves productivity, would you say no? I certainly wouldn’t. As an example, we suggest My Fitness Pal as an app to use in our Level 3 Case Studies to our students, to assist with tracking their client’s food, calculating calorie deficits and surplus etc. Why? Simply because it helps!

Let’s face it, apps are here to stay. People with limited time, open space, own equipment – apps will suit this demographic. There will still be people that want the gym – like me – the place where they can de stress, make gains, feel better and satisfied. Gyms will be able to grow again, and with-it Personal Training opportunities. It is all about being able to adapt to the consumer – gyms already have in place COVID countermeasures, and as I mentioned before I would imagine online classes in the home will soon be trending on gym brands social media pages. As PTs, we will need to adapt too – move online, broaden your reach, engage, and get results for yourself and your clients. Get yourself out there, teach classes, stream live workouts and above all else, never stop learning.

Embrace the apps – at best, they will help in your progression as a trainer and increase your income. At worst, well, a little competition never hurt anybody.

Keep smashing it,