Internal Quality Assurance – Unit 2

internal quality assurance unit 2

Course Description

The vast majority of people who train to become an IQA are qualified and experienced assessors. For most people, the IQA course is the most logical progression route on from their career as an assessor.

Although, the role of an Internal Quality Assurer is very different to that of an assessor. So, it is important that you are sure on what the roles of an IQA include.

If you are already V1 or IV qualified, then it may just be a case that you want to update yourself with the most recent knowledge-based componence in the IQA suite. If this is the case, then the Level 4 Award that only covers unit 1 will be the qualification you need.

The Level 4 Award that incorporates units 1 and 2 is the qualification you will need if you are either currently or going to be internally assuring the quality of assessment.

Effectively, you are assessing the assessor! Every NVQ candidate needs to have an assessor and every assessor needs to have an Internal Quality Assurer.

You will need the Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice if you are going to be the lead IQA within your organisation.

This course would qualify you to lead the process of ensuring that all standards are met during the delivery of training and within the training organisation as a whole.

What Will You Study?

Unit 2 of the course contains the following units of study:

Internally Assure The Quality Of Assessment

1. Be able to plan the internal quality assurance of assessment

  • Plan monitoring activities according to the requirements of own role
  • Make arrangements for internal monitoring activities to assure quality

2. Be able to internally evaluate the quality of assessment

  • Carry out internal monitoring activities to quality requirements
  • Evaluate assessor expertise and competence in relation to the requirements of their role
  • Evaluate the planning and preparation of assessment processes
  • Determine whether assessment methods are safe, fair, valid and reliable
  • Determine whether assessment decisions are made using the specified criteria
  • Compare assessor decisions to ensure they are consistent

3. Be able to internally maintain and improve the quality of assessment

  • Provide assessors with feedback, advice and support, including professional development opportunities, which help them to maintain and improve the quality of assessment
  • Apply procedures to standardise assessment practices and outcomes

4. Be able to manage information relevant to the internal quality assurance of assessment

  • Apply procedures for recording, storing and reporting information relating to internal quality assurance
  • Follow procedures to maintain confidentiality of internal quality assurance information

5. Be able to maintain legal and good practice requirements when internally monitoring and maintaining the quality of assessment

  • Apply relevant policies, procedures and legislation in relation to internal quality assurance, including those for health, safety and welfare
  • Apply requirements for equality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism, in relation to internal quality assurance
  • Critically reflect on own practice in internally assuring the quality of assessment
  • Maintain the currency of own expertise and competence in internally assuring the quality of assessment.
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Course Cost

Cost: £199 each or £379 for both Units. *50% off for first time students

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